Montrail Masochist Trail Running Shoes

The Bottom Line

The Montrail Mountain Masochist GTX trail running shoe is a good choice for trail runners looking for a sturdy trail shoe that is lightweight and waterproof.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Stable
  • Look Great


  • Wear Quickly at the Point of Toe Flex
  • Uppers Snag Easily
  • Can Feel Waterlogged


  • Trail Running Shoes
  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • Retail Price: Between $99 and $119

Guide Review - Montrail Masochist Trail Running Shoes

Montrail Masochist Trail Running Shoes are a great "do it all" shoe because they are lightweight, waterproof and sturdy without being inflexible. These shoes are designed for trail running, and that is probably the best use for them, but I've gotten a lot of comfortable hiking miles and city walking miles from this shoe as well.

The Mountain Masochist comes in a GTX (Gore-Tex ) version, which is breathable and waterproof in the nastiest trail conditions. I haven't crossed any streams yet with my Montrails, but I have run in the rain on several occasions and my feet always stayed warm and dry. The downside of running in the rain with these shoes is that they seem to hang on to the water and feel heavy and a bit waterlogged even though my feet are dry. They can take a while to dry as well.

The traction provided by the Masochist is excellent. The ultra-sticky Gryptonite sole clings to almost anything including slick rock, uneven trails, roots, and loose surfaces. I also appreciate the close-fitting heel and midfoot with a larger toe box that allows my toes to spread a bit.

The thick, cushioned tongue is comfortable and helps keep debris from finding its way into the shoe.

While it's never a deal-breaker in a trail shoe, the color options for the Montrails are very likable. They are not too flashy, or brightly colored like so many women's running shoes.

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